Thursday, November 16, 2006

Incredibly Satisfying Sketch Book

Below is a tute for making a sketch book from an old hard cover novel - there is a link to a pdf of this tutorial at the bottom of the post (which I recommend, unless eye strain is your thing).

I used all different kinds of paper to fill the book with, and that is a large part of what makes it incredibly satisfying - it is utterly customised.

The non-eye-slaughtering pdf (1.1mb) is here (hooray, I've uploaded the file to a new site so this link actually works. Amazing!) - the link will take you to a download page. Sorry, not quite printer-friendly - that would inflate the size to 10mb ish.

For different and far superior stitching tutorials, try here, or here, or here.

There are some photos of the journal available from flickr or navigate directly to photo number 1, 2, and 3.

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Susan McGarvey said...

Great tutorial, easy to read and funny, too. You have a great "voice."

Rupert Jetson said...

Thanks Susan, that's really nice of you to say.

Mei-ling said...

you are crazy awesome. i can't wait to try the both the wallet (i love crochet!!) and the book (i love books!!).

i'm sad there are only two, but i realise they're probably pretty time-consuming, what with thinking up stuff and then having to remember to take photos along the way.

anyway, hope you keep up the excellent work!

Channah said...

You inspire me. =)

Great blog, great work, keep it up!